Clio For Gmail Chrome Extension

As of October 1st, 2018, Clio's Chrome Extension will be deprecated.

Please download Clio's Gmail Add-on to use Clio with Gmail.

Take your productivity and efficiency to the next level with the Clio+Gmail extension for Chrome. Securely connect your Gmail or Google Apps account to your Clio account and start a timer, create tasks, or file emails with attachments to the right matter within seconds, either from your inbox or from an email view. The extension automatically retrieves your matters and contacts from Clio and pre-fills the entry forms to streamline your workflow. Never waste a moment searching for an email or attachment again; with Clio+Gmail, the relevant information is at your fingertips, wherever you are.

You must be using Google Chrome to continue with the steps below.

Install the Plugin
Start a Timer
Add a Task
Email forward

Install the Plugin

1.  Go to the Google Chrome Web Store entry for Clio extensions  and click the "Free" button.

2. Confirm the addition by clicking "Add" as shown below.

3. Click on the "Connect to Clio" button from your Gmail account, then select your region;

4. Authorize the Gmail extension with Clio by clicking on "Yes, Let's Connect".

Now that the plugin is installed, you'll be able to start a timer and add a task from your inbox.


Start a Timer

To start a timer, click on the Clio plug-in and select " Start a Timer".


This will immediately start the timer.


Update timer entry

To update the timer entry that will sync back to your Matters, click on the pencil icon;


Then select the Matter, insert optional Notes and select the Description and Rate as needed, when done click "Update Time Entry"; 


When done, click the "Stop Timer" icon. This newly created timer activity will immediately sync to Clio;


When you return to the Matter's Time tab in Clio, the timer activity will be visible and ready to be billed.

Please note:

  • Once the timer has been stopped, it cannot be resumed in Gmail. You can however resume if from within Clio.
  • Timers that are started in Clio, will not display as running in Gmail.
  • Timers will continue running in Gmail even if the session is closed without stopping the timer.

Add a Task

To add a task, click on the Clio plug-in and select " Add a Task".


Complete the Add Task form, when done click on "Add Task";


When you return to Clio, the newly added task will be visible in the Practice and Tasks tabs, as well as inside the Matter;

Please note: A task created in Gmail lives in Tasks/Upcoming or Tasks/Overdue based on the due date.

Email forward

The content of an email is forwarded to a Matter as a Communication. Users can choose to forward the last email, the whole thread or only the open emails and attachments will be forwarded accordingly to Documents.

Select the email to forward, then from the Gmail plug-in, select "File to Communication";

The plug-in will auto-populate the Matter field with the number associated with the contact (email sender). You have the option of filing the most recent email, only expanded emails or the whole thread, and you can also select to use today's date instead of the original reception date.

When ready, click on "File To This Matter";

The forwarded email will display within the Matter's Communications tab;

Should you wish to set up an email alias in order to send emails from your own ".com" domain, please refer to this Google support article.

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