LawPay (Legacy)

LawPay provides credit card processing exclusively for attorneys. LawPay is 100% compliant with IOLTA guidelines and the ABA code of professional conduct. It is critical for attorneys to handle credit card transactions correctly. LawPay ensures complete protection of your client trust accounts, in compliance with both State and ABA guidelines for accounting.

With newer LawPay accounts (LawPay 2.0), you can use our Clio Payments feature to accept online payments. With Clio Payments, you can either use your existing LawPay account, or set up a new LawPay account right from within the app.

If you have an older LawPay account (LawPay Legacy), you can use our Classic Payments feature to accept online payments.

The instructions below detail how to connect LawPay (Legacy) to Clio's Classic Payments feature.

Note: While LawPay is available in Canada, the Canadian version does not currently work with Clio.


Connecting LawPay to Clio
     Authorizing the Clio Integration in LawPay and Accessing your Secret Key
     Setting up the Integration in Clio
Clio + LawPay - A Co-Hosted Webinar

Connecting LawPay to Clio

Authorizing the Clio Integration in LawPay and Accessing your Secret Key

Log in to your LawPay (Legacy) account:

Once you have logged in to LawPay, click on your user name in the top right-hand corner then select "Settings":

On the Settings screen, click the "Developers" tab.

On the "Developers" tab, click the "Authorize Application" button.

In the "Authorize Application" pop-up, select "Clio" from the "Select application" dropdown then click the "Authorize Application" button. 

You will now see Clio listed under your Authorized Applications. Beside Clio, click the "Show Credentials" link.

In the "ChargeIO Credentials For Clio" pop-up, ensure that the "Live Credentials" tab is selected then copy the key in the "Live Secret Key" field to be pasted into Clio.

Setting up the Integration in Clio 

Once you have copied the LawPay Secret Key, open Clio and go to the Settings panel. Click Online Payments in the Clio Settings column.

In the "Online Payment" page in Settings, click inside the "Choose Your Payment Account Provider". From the dropdown options, select "LawPay", then scroll down and paste in your LawPay Secret Key. Finally, click the "Update Online Payment Account" button at the bottom of the page to save the settings.

Select "LawPay Legacy" from the drop-down and input your information.

Clio + LawPay - A Co-Hosted Webinar

In about 30 minutes, we will give you an introduction to LawPay's payment processing services and show you how to connect Clio to LawPay so that you can allow your clients to pay their invoices online.

Click HERE to view the recording.

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