Matter Notes

Printing your Notes
Exporting your Notes

What are Notes?  Notes are a way to capture information on the Matter or Contact that you want to save to the file/person.  You can use this in any way you want!  You can type in meeting notes or even copy and paste in research.  The field hold hundreds of pages, so feel free to add lots of info.

To add a Note, go to either the Matter or Contact and click on the "Notes" sub-tab and click on "Add".

Then add a subject and type in or paste in the text.  When you are done you must click "Save".  If you leave this screen without Saving, you will lose your Notes. 


For some browsers you have the ability to drag down the lower right hand corner in order to make the Notes box bigger on your screen.  Just hold down your mouse and drag the box bigger and let go of the mouse button.

Printing your Notes:

You can generate a PDF of your Notes to print by clicking on the "Export to File" link inside the Note screen.

Exporting your Notes:

You can generate a CSV (Excel Spreadsheet) of all your Notes across all your Matters you have permissions for. From the Exports area,  click on the "Excel ready CSV" link next to "Matter Notes".  A file will be downloaded to your computer.Matter_notes_export.png

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