Sharing Resources via Clio Connect

Please Note:  First time Clio Connect users must create a Clio Connect account once a resource has been shared with them. For information on how your contacts and clients can create a Clio Connect account, see the "Creating a Clio Connect Account" article.  

There are six things you can share via Clio Connect:  


In the quick link area below the document description, click "Clio Connect" (please note there is no ability to share via Clio Connect using Box/Dropbox/Google Drive, or NetDocs).

When you click on the Clio Connect link, you will see some "Suggested Sharing". These are people that include the client and any other Contacts you have linked to this Matter as related.  You can choose one of the Suggested Contacts, or start to type in the name of the person in the field and choose them from the drop down list. Also you can add an optional message. 

*Note that in order to share something via Clio Connect, the person must be an existing Contact in Clio and have a valid email address.

Once you have shared the item, you will see a notification confirming same.


When you are viewing your generated bills, you will see the Clio Connect quick link below the bill ID column.

Within a single bill, you will  see the Clio Connect icon.

When you click on the Clio Connect icon, you will see the Suggested Contacts to share the invoice with (that includes the clients). Choose or enter the person or people you want to share this with, add an optional message if you like, and then click on "Share Bill".

Secure Messages

There are a few ways to send a secure message.

Via the main Communications tab

To send a message to an internal person (firm member) or a client/contact, click on the main Communications tab, and then click on "Add" and fill out the fields and send.

Please note the inbox icon is only visible when you have an unread message.

Via the Communications tab within a Matter or Contact

Go to a matter or contact card, click on "Communications" then click on "Add".  Then create your message and "Send Message".

Clients/contacts can view the message via Clio Connect as they will receive an email with a link to click on to access the message.

Calendar Entries

You can share Calendar entries via Clio Connect with your clients to improve collaboration and remind them of important events.

To do so, create a new calendar entry by clicking on the "+Add" button in the main Calendar tab or in the Calendar sub-tab of a Matter. This pop-up will appear, allowing you to add details. You can then select the Clio Connect client you would like to share with by clicking on "Invite Contacts via Clio Connect". 

Once you do so, more options will appear, including a suggestion for whom to share this event with. These suggestions are generated based on the Matter selected for the event.

You can click on a suggested contact or start typing the name of the contact you would like to share the event with. You can remove any unwanted Contacts by clicking on the 'x' icon.

Once you share the Calendar event with the contact, it will appear in their Clio Connect account under the "Calendar" tab.


When creating a new Task for a client,  click the 'Contacts' option then begin typing their name, and Save Task. 

Note that Clio Connect users will not see the Task Description, only the Task Name.

Once you click on "Save Task" you will see your Task was successfully created and Assigned.  You can see these Tasks by going to your Tasks tab, clicking on Assigned, and using the Filter option to view the results.


You can share your Matters with a co-counsel via Clio Connect so they can view Matter details and add Notes and Communications.

To share a Matter with a co-counsel via Clio Connect, click on the Clio Connect quick link within the Matters area.

Once you have clicked on the Clio Connect icon, you will be able to select which Contact you would like to share the Matter with, as well as add a personalized message and choose if the Contact is notified.

When you have shared a Matter with a co-counsel, they will receive an email with a link to access the Matter in their Clio Connect account. The Matter share is restricted to certain information, such as the Details, Client, Contacts, Notes, and Communications. Co-counsels can add Notes and Communications to the Matter as needed.

Share Messages

When sharing a resource via Clio Connect, you can include a message.

This message will be stored in your Communications tab so you have a record and can keep track of time spent on the activity.

Note on Sharing with Another Firm

You can share resources with a Clio user at another firm by adding them as a Contact to your account and sharing a resource with them. Once you have shared that resource, the other Clio user will be able to access it through Clio Connect. At this point, they will then be able to switch between accounts by clicking on their name at the top of the page and selecting the correct account from the drop-down menu.

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