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Sharing and Viewing Other Users' Calendars

In order to grant another firm member access to your calendars, you must share your calendar with them.

To share your a calendar with another user (or the entire firm):

  1. Go to the Calendar page
  2. Click the More button at the top right of the page
  3. Click Calendar sharingcalendar_sharing_edit.png
  4. Click the drop-down to select the calendar you want to share.1.png
  5. Click on the Add Calendar share link
  6. Choose the user or Group you want to give access to from the "Group" field drop-down and select the "Permission" level. You can choose "Editor", "Viewer" or "Free/Busy" (hide details).
  7. Click Update calendar when done.Calendar_Editor_Permission.png
  • If you share your calendar with "Firm" then it will share it with all individuals in your firm and give them all the same Permission level.
  • The Primary Subscriber has control of the Firm calendar.  They can share and determine permission levels for this in the same way. 

Once permission has been granted for you to view a calendar, you will see the Calendar name in a box under "Other calendars" in the far right-hand corner of your screen.  To view another person's calendar (or the firm calendar), simply check the box.  If you do not wish to see another user's calendar, uncheck the box.

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