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Using Timers in Clio

This article describes how to use timers in Clio. For instructions on how to create time entries in Clio, see our "Creating & Managing Time Entries" article.


Finding Timers
Using The Timekeeper
Frequently Asked Questions

Finding Timers
Timers can be started in several different places to make it easy and efficient to accurately capture time. 

From the Header

You can start a timer for any recently entered Time Entry by clicking the timer in the header at the top of Clio.


From the Activities Screen

Go to "Activities" and then "Time Entries". You will see on the left side the timers you can activate:

Once a Timer has been selected to run, it will display the running timer symbol.

From a new Time Entry

When you create a Time Entry you can click on the box "Start Timer?". This will automatically start a timer:

  • For more information on creating a time entry, click here.

From within a Matter

Go to a Matter and then click on the "Time" sub-tab. Here you will see time entries related to that specific matter as well as timers that you can activate:


Using the Timekeeper

From any page in Clio, click the timer on the blue header at the top of the page.


This will open the Timekeeper.

  1. Arrow buttons
  2. Select the Arrow buttons to change which day of the week you want to create your Time Entry on.
  3. Calendar button
  4. Click the Calendar button to open a Calendar drop-down to quickly switch between different weeks or months of the year.
  5. Today
  6. Click Today to return to viewing entries for the current date.
  7. Plus button
    Click the Plus button  to begin creating a new entry for the date that you have selected.

    Click the pencil icon to edit the running timer.Click the X button to delete the running timer.

  8. Days of the week
    Click between "Sun" and "Sat" to switch between days of the selected week to view or create Time Entries.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I start a Timer on behalf of another user?

No. You can only start a Timer for yourself.

Can I start a Timer on a Time Entry which has already been billed?

No. Once a Time Entry has been billed you can't add more time to it with the Timer.

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