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Changing Matters from Flat Rate to Hourly Rate

When you create a Flat Rate Matter, a Time entry is automatically created. This Time entry is equal to the amount you specified on the Matter creation screen. For example, if you set the Matter to be billed at a flat rate of $5000, a Time entry for $5000 will exist in the Matter as soon as it is created.

The billed status of this Time entry determines if you can change the Matter from Flat Rate to Hourly.

The Time Entry is Not on a Bill

If the Flat Rate Time entry has not been billed for already, then you can change the Matter from Flat Rate billing to Hourly billing by editing the Matter:

  1. Click the blue "Edit" button at the top right of the Matter screen
  2. On the Edit Matter page, scroll down to "Billing Preferences"
  3. Select "Hourly"
  4. Click the green "Update Matter" button

The Time Entry is on a Bill

If the Flat Rate Time entry has been billed for already, you will be unable to change the Matter to hourly billing using the same steps. If you try editing the Matter, this message is displayed:

To change the Matter to Hourly billing, you will have to delete the Bill that contains the Flat Rate Time entry. Once this Bill is deleted, you will be able to edit the Matter to change it to Hourly billing.

In many cases, the Bill that you have to delete will have payments on it. To keep a record of this Bill and these payments:

  1. View the Bill
  2. Click the blue "Actions" button in the top right corner and then click "Download"
  3. Keep this downloaded copy of the Bill on hand as you will be re-entering information from it
  4. Click on the "Payments" subtab
  5. Delete all payments
  6. Refresh the page
  7. Click the blue "Actions" button and then click "Void"
  8. Change the Matter to Hourly billing using the steps above
  9. On the Matter, click the "Time" subtab
  10. Click the green "Add" button and create a Time entry with a duration of one hour and a rate equal to the total for the previous Flat Rate
  11. Click the blue "New Quick Bill" button at the top of the Matter page
  12. Using the downloaded copy of your deleted Bill, create an identical copy
  13. After approving the Bill, record payments on it equal to the ones that were deleted in step 5
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