Determining Which Client Address Appears on Bills

In Clio, a client's address can be displayed on their Bills. This article will explain how to set up clients' addresses so that the correct one is displayed on Bills, and will also explain how to change the address after the Bill has been created.


Setting a Billing Address
Changing the Billing Address Directly on a Bill

Setting a Billing Address

When you enter an address on a Contact card, you can specify the type as "Work", "Home", "Billing", or "Other". Select the appropriate type for the client's primary address.

To enter the a secondary (billing) address, click on the "Add an Address" link. Enter in the billing address details and mark the address type as "Billing". Save your contact card, and from that point on, all bills generated will appear with the address you labelled as Billing.

Please note, if you only have one address for the client, it will automatically be pulled onto the bill and there is no need to mark it as "Billing".

Changing the Billing Address Directly on a Bill 

You can also customize the billing address directly on a bill.  To do so, open the desired bill and click the "Show Theme Controls" button. 

In the theme menu, click "Client Address", then click the radio button beside "Custom Address". You can now enter a custom address in the text area. Finally, click the "Save" button to apply the custom address to the bill. In the below example you will see a Care Of address being used, as in certain instances you may wish your client's invoice to be handled by another party.

If you are billing a client whose invoices will always be in the Care Of another individual, you may wish to enter this information in the contact's billing address, which will pull across all invoices, rather than on an individual invoice basis. When editing or creating your contact, such as a company contact, input the "c/o" address in the street address field of the billing address. In the below example you will see the Billing Address is directed towards the "c/o" individual, and is followed by the Work Address. The Billing Address will display on invoices.

For information on creating bills, see this support article.

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