Payment Plan with Flat Fee Billing

There are a couple of different workflow options for billing your clients on a flat payment schedule. 

  1. Generate a single bill for the full amount with payment instructions specifying the installment amount and due dates
  2. Generate separate bills for each installment monthly


Single Bill Method
Multiple Bill Method

Single Bill Method

Create a flat rate Matter as usual with the total amount the client owes. Immediately generate a bill for the flat Matter.

Open the bill in Draft and click "Edit".

In the "Note" field, explain the payment plan.

When the first payment is received, record it to the bill with a description note like shown below. Remember to change the Payment amount: 

Click "Receive Payment" to complete the process.

When it's time to send out the next bill, simply edit* the Bill and update the information, such as Invoice Date, Due Date and if it is 2/4, 3/4, etc.

* Note: In order to edit an approved bill, you must enable this option in your bill settings. To do so, go to the Clio Settings panel and click on "Billing" in the Clio Settings column. Scroll down to the bottom of the Bill Settings screen and check the box beside "Allow editing of approved bills" under the Bill States heading.

Select "Delete Line Item" on any line items you wish not to include on this Bill. Selecting "Delete Line Item" will only remove the entry from the Bill, and not from the Matter. These entries will be available to be billed in a future cycle.

Multiple Bill Method

Creating the Matter

With this method, you will create a time entry for each month that a payment amount due. Then, when you bill for each month's date range, this "pre-dated" payment entry will be included in that months invoices.

Start by creating a Matter billed hourly with a $0 rate for "Everyone".


You can create a $0 flat rate Activity Description to apply your Payment Plan Matters. 

For instruction on how to create Activity Descriptions, see the "Creating and Managing Activity Descriptions" article. 

Adding Time Entries for Each Installment

Next, take the full amount amount that you want to bill your client and divide it by the number of payments agreed upon. Create a Time Entry for each payment/installment as follows.

  1. Date: Select the date that you plan to generate a bill for this installment.
  2. Duration: Enter "1" to ensure your rate is recorded as entered.
  3. Rate: Enter the installment amount (not the total amount).
  4. Note: Add a note reflecting which payment the Time Entry reflects. You can choose if this note appears on the bill.

Add a separate Time Entry for each installment in the payment plan ensuring that the date represents the date you expect to generate a bill for that installment. 

Generating Bills for Each Installment

On the "Billable Clients" screen, open the filter menu and enter an "Activities Date Range" matching the date of the Time Entry (installment) that you want to appear on the bill. 

Select the appropriate Matter and generate the bill. 

View the bill in Draft to ensure that the installment amount is accurately displayed.

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