Recording Payments on Bills

Clio does not auto apply funds being held on the client's behalf to bills. You must determine the payment amount, source account, and destination account. More information on a payment workflow where the funds are pulled from a Trust account can be found in the Trust Bill Payment Workflow Support Article.

Paying Bills
     From the Bills Tab
     From the Matters Tab
Payment made in error

Paying Bills

From the Bills Tab

  1. Clicking on the "Bills" tab will bring you to the Awaiting Payment bill state which will display all open and outstanding bills. Click on the Bill ID or  "View" quick link to open it.

  2. Click "Record Payment".

    In the New Bill Payment window, you will be provided with the following options: 

    1. Date: The default is today, but you can change this.
    2. Source Account: Where you are drawing the funds from. Select "Direct Payment" for cash and check payments or select an account (IOLTA/Trust, or an Operating Account) with an available client balance.
    3. Source Balance Type: If using a Trust Account as the Source, the "Source Balance Type" field is displayed. Use this field to specify whether the Trust Funds are at the Matter or Client level. For more information, see the "Trust Bill Payment Workflow" article.
    4. Destination Account: Lists the Operating Accounts available to deposit the funds into. (IOLTA/Trust accounts, as per most trust accounting rules, are not permitted to contain funds earned by an attorney, and cannot be selected as a destination account. )
    5. Description: You can edit or add to the payment note by clicking "Edit".
    6. Payment: Enter the amount the client is paying towards their bill. You can overpay a bill (put more in Amount then what is due), but you cannot pay an amount greater than what is in the Source Account.


  3. Click on "Receive Payment". 
  4. Refresh your browser window to see the payment applied to your bill.

From the Matters Tab

  1. Go to the client's Matter and click on the "Transactions" sub tab.
  2. Click "Add".

  3. Click the "Receive Bill Payment" tab.

  4. Choose the proper Source Account (Where funds are coming from), Destination Account (Where funds are depositing to) and the Amount (Amount of Payment).

  5. When you are finished, click on the "Receive Payment" button.
  6. Refresh your browser window to see the payment applied to your bill.

Payment made in error

If you accidentally apply a payment to a Bill, it can still be removed from the Bill or from the Matter if needed.

From the Bill

  1. Switch from the Preview tab to the Payments tab.
  2. Select to Delete the payment entry.

From the Matter

  1. Switch to the Transactions tab.
  2. Select to Delete the Bill payment.
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