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Bringing Over Client Outstanding Balances to Clio

*Please note:  If you would like accurate information in Clio's Reports for time/expenses entered before and after you started using Clio for the current year, we suggest you retain copies of reports from your existing program and use them together with Clio's reports as the methods for bringing over outstanding balances is not as detailed as entering in individual time and expense entries. Also please ensure that you record the previous balances using the correct user as per step 6*

When you join Clio you will want to bring over the amounts your clients owe for past invoices.  There are several ways you can bring over the previous balances, but this is one way with the least amount of steps.

1.  First, ensure that your Matters and Clients are created.  Click here for instructions.

2.  Next, have a spreadsheet ready of the balances your clients owe on their Matters.  The outstanding amounts will be applied to the client's Matters so if Joe Smith has two Matters with you and each Matter has an outstanding balance then you would apply the relevant amount to each individual Matter instead of applying the total amount to Joe Smith's name.

3.  Go to the "Activities" tab at the top of the page and then "Activity Descriptions.  Next, click on "Add":

4.  Insert the text you would like into the "Description" field. In my case I'm using "Balance brought forward".  In the Billing Method Box, choose Flat Rate and enter in a $0 rate in the field (you will modify this on a Matter-by-Matter basis).  Then "Save" your Activity Description. 


5. Next, go to "Activities" then "Time Entries" and click on "Add": 


6.  Complete the Time Entry fields:

1 - User:  select the user responsible for this revenue. Please note: In order to generate accurate reports in Clio, all efforts should be made to record balances under the correct user.

2- Matter: link in the appropriate Matter.  This is an important step so that the outstanding balance is correctly applied to the right Matter.

3- Description: choose the "Activity Description" you previously created.

4- Date: enter the date that you are bringing over the outstanding balance

5- Rate: manually type in the amount the client owes on this Matter. Note that the duration will be 1. Thus, 1 X Rate.

6- Notes: You can add optional notes as desired. 

Once you are done, click on "Save Time Entry".  You will then see the amount entered in for this Matter: 

7.  You can generate the Invoice right away (or wait for your billing time where there may be new time entries added to bill) and this is the result (may look different based on your Bill Themes settings): 

The same Activity Description can be used for all of your Matters.

8. Once approved, select to pay the invoice by clicking Record Payment at the upper right. Then, select Receive Payment.

For more information on paying invoices in Clio, see this Support Article.

By  creating these flat fee entries for outstanding amounts, you are creating time entries in Clio linked to the User that you chose in Step 6 above.  So for example, if I run a Client Activity Report for this Matter now, I can see that Don Draper is linked to this flat fee time entry:


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