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Documents: Navigating, Viewing, Filtering, and Recovering Files in Clio

Navigating Clio Documents
Viewing and Filtering Folders and Files

Navigating Clio Documents

When clicking on the main Documents tab, your documents and files will be organized into Contact specific folders sorted by latest edit date.  If you have created any top level standalone folders (not linked to a Contact or Matter), you will see them here as well. Click on a Contact folder to see folders for that Contact's Matters.  You can also add standalone folders within a Contact folder for any files that should not be linked to a Matter.

Similarly, click on a Matter folder to view files added to the Matter.

You can also access your Matter documents and folders from the "Documents" sub-tab of a particular Matter. The "Documents" sub-tab is also available within the Contact.From within a nested folder, you can navigate up to a parent folder by clicking on the "All Files" link then clicking on the name of the parent folder you would like to view. 

Viewing and Filtering Folders and Files

"Folder View" versus "File View"

By default, files will be organized into folders where specified. To view all files within the current folder and all child folders, click "Switch to file view". To go back to folder view, click "Switch to folder view".

Filtering Folders and Files 

To filter or search for files and folders, click "Filter".filter1.pngFrom the Filter form, you can search files and folders based on Matter, Category, and keyword (in the file or folder name). The filter results are also dependent on the value in the "Show All Folders" dropdown field. 

Show All Folders: Current Folder

When filtering within the "Current Folder", the results will be limited to the folders and files that are visible in the current folder. For example, you will only see results where Matter, Category or keyword searches match files or folders that are currently visible. 

Show All Folders: Subfolders

When filtering within "Subfolders", the results will include any matches to files or folders that are contained within the child folders of the current folder. 

Search Phrase

You can also filter your Documents by a specific phrase. If in the Folder View, you will be searching for the name of a Folder.

When switching to File View, you will be searching for the name of a Document by a phrase.

Show Trashed Files

Documents that have been sent to "Trash" are still able to be recovered. You can select the "Undo" button in the confirmation window if this was an accidental deletion. you can see deleted files by clicking "Show Trashed Files" on the right hand side of the page. Clicking "Restore" under your deleted file will recover the document. Your deleted documents will be available for recovery for 30 days.

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