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iOS App: 1Password Integration

You can log in to Clio's iOS app with a password saved in your 1Password app.

In your 1Password app, add the email and password that you use for Clio and the website URL app.clio.com

When launching Clio for the first time or after previously signing out of the app, you will be prompted to enter your Clio email and password. To log in using 1Password, tap on the 1Password icon in the Password field. 

Tap the 1Password button that pops-up. 

You will then be prompted to enter the 1Password "Master Password" that you created when installing the app; or, if your phone is equipped with "Touch ID", then that option is available to you as well.   


Next, tap your saved Clio entry in 1Password.

You will now be automatically logged in to the Clio iOS app.

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