Displaying VAT Numbers on an Invoice

To add your VAT number to your bills, we suggest adding the number to the "Client Reference Number" field of your Matters. You can then display the Client Reference Number field on your bills. 

Adding VAT Number to Matters

When adding or editing a Matter, enter your identification number into the "Client Reference Number" field. If editing an existing Matter, remember to scroll to the bottom of the screen and click the "Update Matter" button when you are finished.

Showing the Client Reference Number in your Bill Themes

To get to your Bill Theme settings, click on the gear at the top of the Clio page to access Settings.

In the Settings panel, click "Billing".

On the Bill Settings screen, click on the "Bill Themes" sub-tab.

In your Bill Themes, click on the Theme that you would like to edit, or create a new theme.

Once in the theme, click Matter > Heading. To add the "Client Reference Number" field to your Bills, check the box beside "Show Matter Client Reference Number". Then, in the text area, change the wording "Client Reference Number" to "VAT" or whatever suits your needs. Make sure, however, that you do not remove or change the {{client_ref_num}} tag as this is what will display the number on your Bill.

To save the Theme, click the green Save button when it appears.

The VAT number will now appear on the bill below the Matter description.

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