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Getting Started with Billing in Clio

This article is a primer on how to work with the Billing features in Clio.


Important Resources
Matter Not Showing in Billable Clients
The Trust Balance is not showing up on the Bill

Important Resources

The following articles will be very useful for you to get up and running in Clio's billing functionality.

Billing Workflow
Customize your Bills: The Basics
Payment Profiles with Interest
Editing Bills
Trust Bill Payment Workflow

Matter is not showing up in Billable Clients

If you go to Bills-Billable Clients to generate a bill and notice that a matter you've entered time for is not there, please check the following:

1.  Go to the Matter ensure the file is "Billable": 2.  Check to see if there are any unbilled time entries on the matter.  To do so, go to the Time and/or Expenses tab in that Matter and look to see if the entries have already been billed on previous entries.  If they have, they will not show in the Billable Clients area:3.  Check the date range in the Billable Clients page.  When you are in the Billable Clients tab and click on "Filter" you have the option of selecting a Date Range for your Activities.  If the time/expense entry you've entered falls out of that Date Range, then it will not show up in the list of matters available to bill:

The Trust Balance is not showing up on the Bill

If you are looking at your bill and the Trust Balance is not showing:

1.  Go to 'Settings > Clio Settings > Billing > Bill Themes' and double click into the Bill Theme you are using.

2.  Go to Statement of Accounts-Client Account and ensure that it is not hidden:

3.  If the above is not the issue, go to the client's contact card and go to "Transactions" and open the Trust Account.  If there is a zero balance this is why nothing is being pulled onto the bill:If the above does not resolve your issue, please contact our support team and we are happy to assist!


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