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Classic Online Payments: Receiving Online Payments in Clio

Once your client has made a payment through Clio Connect, you will see the payment noted on your Firm Feed. 

On the "Bills" tab, you will also see a number beside the "Online Payments" sub-tab indicating the number of payments that are waiting to be received.

To apply a payment made online to the bill, click the "Online Payments" sub-tab then click the "Record Payment" quick link for the payment you would like to receive.

You can now receive the payment as normal and the Source will appear as "Electronic Payment". Note, however, that you cannot change the payment amount when receiving an online payment.

If you have received a payment in error, you can change the payment back to pending by clicking on the "Received" sub-tab of the Online Payments screen, then click the "Mark as pending" quick link for the payment received in error.

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