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Smokeball provides a complete email and document management system, form automation tool, and form library. You can build a powerful database of client and matter information in Smokeball to quickly populate emails and documents, and keep their matters organized. Each new client you enter in Smokeball will create a new Contact in Clio. You can generate over 4,000 documents in the Smokeball Library, then invoice clients via Clio effortlessly.

Smokeball is currently available to attorneys in Illinois. If you are interested in a demo, or would like to learn more, contact Smokeball at:

Call Smokeball: (855) 668-3206
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Connecting Smokeball with Clio
Using Smokeball with Clio

Connecting Smokeball with Clio

When you are ready to connect your Smokeball Account with your Clio Account, please contact Smokeball support, and an agent will take you through the initial integration process. As there can often be thousands of matters, contacts and events to sync it is important that a Smokeball Representative helps you through the process to ensure a clean, successful connection.

Click HERE to Contact the Smokeball Support team.

Using Smokeball with Clio

Once the Smokeball–Clio Integration has been initiated and your data has been synchronized, the hard work is done for you. All Matters, Contacts, and Events will now be kept in sync both ways between the two applications.

You will also notice a few additions to some Smokeball Screens.

On the Home Screen in Smokeball you will notice a "Clio" Icon in the toolbar. Clicking on this will give you some options that will take you directly to where you want to go in Clio, for example the calendar, Time entries and Firm Feed.

On the Matter Screen you will also notice a "Clio" icon in the taskbar which will open that matter for you directly in Clio.

For additional help with using the Smokeball-Clio integration, please visit the Smokeball support site.

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