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Fundbox allows you to get paid now for your outstanding invoices. Just sync your Clio account with Fundbox and get up to $25,000 delivered to your bank account as soon as the next day.

Fundbox is free to set up. For more information, on the Clio and Fundbox partnership click HERE.


Connecting Fundbox to Clio
Using Fundbox with Clio

Connecting Fundbox to Clio

Click HERE to create a Fundbox account. Once you have signed up for a Fundbox account, click the "Add Your Invoices" button.

In the connection window, click the Clio button. 

You will then be prompted to log in to Clio if you are not already logged in. In the "Connect with Clio" window, click the green “Yes, let’s connect” button to connect your Fundbox account to Clio.

Once you have connected to Clio, you will be prompted to enter your firm's zip code, then address.


Once the account has been set up and connected with Clio, Fundbox will send you a confirmation email.

Using Fundbox with Clio

Log into your Fundbox account at www.fundbox.com to view all your available invoices.

To advance an invoice, click on the "Clear This Invoice" button for the invoice you would like to clear. Your total fees will appear including when repayment will start and end.

The first time you advance an invoice you will be prompted to enter in your banking information where the funds should be deposited. This will be the only account we will deposit funds into. It will also be the only account that all repayment debits are taken from. After you enter your banking information click the "Submit & Confirm" button.

Your invoice will now be advanced and payment is on the way. You can see which invoices have been advanced by noting the green "check mark" to the right the invoice amount. To advance another invoice simply repeat the process (you will not be prompted to enter in your banking information again.) You will notice that your "Available Credit" is has changed, and now reflects the invoice you just advanced.

If you want to pay that invoice off early simply log into your account and click on the "Edit Repayment Plan" button. (note: it can take a couple days for this option to be available after you advance an invoice.)

You will then see how much you will save in fees and what the total payment will be to pay off the advance. Click the "Pay Remainder on [Date]" button.

A pop up will then appear that says "Your Account will be debited [amount] on [date] Click OK to confirm." Click "OK".

It may take a couple of days for your re-payment to register in your account. Once the payment has been received by Fundbox the invoice will be removed from your dashboard and your Available credit will be updated. Note that it has changed from $12,524.00 on the previous slide to $15,000.00

If you would like more information about using Fundbox, please visit the Fundbox Support site by clicking HERE.

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