Types of Billing and Fee Structures

Whether you bill hourly, flat rate, or on a contingency fee basis, Clio can be set up to accommodate your firm's billing needs. Below is a summary of the fee types available in Clio, along with information on further resources available.


Hourly billing is the most common billing structure. You can log your time in Clio, and calculations are performed for you based on the rate you set for that activity on how much you are charging for the time spent.


Setting up Rates
Activities 101
Adding a Time Entry

Flat Rate

Flat Rate billing is also easy to set up in Clio. With this fee structure you are charging one rate for all of the work performed on the matter.


Determining Hourly or Flat Rate Fees
Flat Fees in Clio
Payment Plans for Flat Fee Billing

Contingency Fee

Contingency Fee Matters are available to subscribers of our Legacy, Boutique, and Elite plans.

Contingency Fee billing is common for matters where your fee is dependent on the results of the case.


Matter Billing: Contingency Fee Workflow
Designating How Time is Billed on a Matter - Hourly, Flat Fee, or Contingency

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