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iOS App: Billing

Viewing Bills
Matter Billing Options

Viewing Bills

You can view billing information in the iOS app to view the status of your clients' bills. This information can be found in either Contacts or Matters.

When viewing a Contact or Matter, tap the "Menu" tab then tap the "Bills" button.



Once you have opened "Bills" you will be able to view all bills for that Contact or Matter that are in the Draft, Pending Approval, Awaiting Payment, or Paid states.

Tap on an invoice number to view a preview of the bill.

Tapping the Share icon at the top right corner of the bill will give you options for sending the bill to clients.

Tapping the "Detail" tab will provide you with a summary of that bill's information, including a visual indication of the payment status.

Matter Billing Options

When creating a new Matter or editing an existing Matter through the iOS app you have the ability to specify the desired "Billing Method": hourly, flat, or contingency.

For information on how Matter Billing works in Clio, see our collection of "Hourly, Flat Rate, & Contingency" articles. 

Hourly Matters

Creating and working with hourly Matters in the iOS app is similar to working with hourly Matters in the full web app. This is the default Matter Billing type that is assigned when creating a new Matter in Clio.

Flat Rate Matters

When creating flat rate Matters on the iOS app, you are provided with fields to enter the Billing Rate and Flat Rate Assignee. 

Once the Matter has been saved, a flat rate time entry will automatically be created in the same manner as if you were working in the full Clio web app.

Contingency Matters

When creating contingency Matters on the iOS app, you are provided with fields to enter the Fee Recipient and Rate.

When the Matter has concluded, you will be required to set the award amount in the Clio web app. However, once the contingency award entry has been created, you are able to edit that entry from the "Time" button of the Matter. 

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