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LegalNature Pro

Attorneys and their staff members want the ability to automate documents in a cost effective manner. LegalNature Pro is a cloud-based document assembly application that integrates with Clio to allow firms to quickly produce, access, and store client documents.  

Try LegalNature PRO free for 7 days. Click HERE to get started.

For more information on how LegalNature Pro can help your practice, please call 800.296.2215 or email 


Connecting LegalNature Pro to Clio
Using LegalNature Pro with Clio

Connecting LegalNature Pro to Clio

Once you have signed up for a LegalNature Pro account and have logged in, navigate to the settings page and click on the "Integrations" tab. Click the "Connect" button in the Clio row.

If you are not already logged into Clio, you will be prompted to do so, then confirm the connection. Once you have authorized the connection, you will be returned to LegalNature.

Using LegalNature Pro with Clio

To start creating new documents and linking them to your Clio Matters, click the  button. In the Project Details window, give your project a name then click the "Link Clio Matter" button. 

You will now be presented with a list of your Clio Matters. Click the "Link" button to select the appropriate Matter. 

You will now see the Clio Matter in your projects list. To create a new document that will be linked to Clio, click the "Create one" link under your new project or click the "New Document" button. 

You will now be able to select the document template that you want to complete. 

Once you have completed a document within the Project it will be added to your Clio Documents for the appropriate Matter. If you edit a document that was created with LegalNature, it will be uploaded as a new version within Clio.


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