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Campaign Tracker: Phone Number Porting

If you are interested in using Campaign Tracker and already have one or more phone numbers that you use to track inbound calls from various sources such as ads, commercials, or listings, then you may be interested in porting those phone numbers to Clio.

The process is straightforward!

In order to port the numbers, you will need to provide us with a Letter of Authorization (LOA) and an invoice related to the phone numbers you would like to port from within the last 30 days. These documents can be sent to support@clio.com.

We handle the rest! We submit the LOA to your current service provider, and if you have correctly filled out the letter of authorization, then porting can begin. The process can take a few weeks depending on the service provider who you are porting the numbers from.

Once your phone numbers have been successfully ported you Clio, they will appear as new campaigns, and you can start using them in Campaign Tracker right away!

Key Information

There are some important pieces of information to keep in mind when you are thinking of porting your existing phone numbers.

  • We do not recommend porting your primary number unless you obtain a new, unlisted number from your service provider that Campaign Tracker can forward calls to, otherwise the calls will not be received and Clio cannot log their sources.
  • Some service providers may charge fees to port your phone numbers away from them to another company, or decline the LOA if porting is not considered part of the service contract.
  • Using new phone numbers provided by Campaign Tracker will yield the fastest and most efficient setup.
  • Porting, provided the LOA and invoice sent to us are accurate, may take up to a few weeks depending on the losing service provider.
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