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Campaign Tracker: Working with Leads

Campaign Tracker is available to subscribers of our Elite plan.

You can upgrade to the Elite plan in the app, or if you’re interested in seeing how this feature can work for your law firm feel free to contact us by email or give us a call at 1-888-858-2546 (choose option #1).

When you create a phone campaign in Clio Campaign Tracker, leads will be created automatically for every in-bound caller to your campaign phone numbers. You can also manually add leads to your campaigns that are independent of a phone number. 

This article details the following:

    • managing your leads from both phone number tracking and manual campaigns
    • manually creating leads and associating them with your campaigns
    • recording phone call logs and notes associated with your leads
    • converting leads to Contacts

For information on how to create phone number tracking campaigns and manual campaigns, click HERE.
For information on how to manage your existing campaigns (including adding expenses and ending campaigns), click HERE.

To find your leads in Clio, go to the "Contacts" page then click on the "Leads" sub-tab.


Manually Creating a Lead
Managing Leads
Searching, Filtering, and Sorting Leads
Converting Leads to Contacts

Manually Creating a Lead

All leads must be connected to a campaign. If you have not created any campaigns, do that first. Click HERE for more information. 

To manually add a lead, navigate to the "Leads" page then click on the "New Lead" button. 

In the New Lead window, enter in the lead's name, their phone number and email address if known, and select the appropriate campaign. Click the "Save" button to add the new lead.

You will now see the lead in your Leads list and the lead count on your Campaigns dashboard will increase.

Managing Leads

When viewing and managing your leads, you have a number of options. These options apply to both leads that have been created manually and leads that were created automatically by a phone number tracking campaign. 

Convert to Contact
Clicking the "Convert to Contact" quick link allows you to add additional contact information to your lead before moving it to your Contacts list. More more information and complete instructions, click HERE

Clicking the "Edit" quick link allows you to change the lead's name, phone number, email address, and associated campaign.

Add Note
Clicking "Add Note" allows you to add a note that will be saved as a Contact Note when the lead is converted to a Contact. 

Clicking the "Archive" quick link will hide the lead. To view archived, leads, click the "Filter" menu and check the box beside "Archived" then click "Apply".

When viewing your archived leads, you can unarchive them at any time by clicking the "Unarchive" quick link.

Clicking the "Delete" quick link will permanently remove the lead from Clio. We suggest that you only delete a lead in cases where you are certain that the individual will never be a client (such as a wrong number). Otherwise, we suggest archiving all leads so that you can retain a record of all incoming calls from that individual.

Activity Log
For campaigns with a tracking phone number, every in-coming call from a lead will be noted in the activity log. Click the "Activity Log" quick link to reveal the in-coming call history. This is also where you can record a phone communication log. More more information and instructions, click HERE.

Searching, Filtering, and Sorting Leads

You can search, filter, and sort your leads according to the following rules.


Clicking the "Filter" menu will allow you to filter your leads by campaign and specify if you would like to view only active leads (default), only archived leads, or all leads.


You can use the search field to search for name of leads. Note however, that it will only search from the currently visible list of leads. If you want to search your archived leads, you will have to click the "Filter" menu and select the "Archived" option. 


The "Sort by" menu allows you to sort your leads list by lead name or date (default). Click the arrow button to switch between ascending and descending. 


Converting Leads to Contacts

Once a lead has signed on with you or your firm, you can convert the lead to a Contact so that you can associate a Matter and take advantage of all of Clio's Contact related features. 

To convert a lead to a Contact, click the "Convert to Contact" quick link.

This will open a "Convert to Lead" window which allows you to add a mailing address.

Clicking "Save" will create the new Contact and remove this individual from your leads list. To navigate to the newly created Contact card, click on the Contact link in the green confirmation bar. 

From the Contact card, you can add any additional information that is required and create a new Matter. The Contact card will also display the campaign that brought in the client.

Once you have created a Matter for the converted Contact, the "new client" count in your Campaigns dashboard will increase. 

Once you have billed the client and received payment, the amount received will be added to the "total revenue" count for that campaign.

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