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New Integration Partner - WebMerge

We are excited to announce that WebMerge has completed an integration with Clio to allow documents generated within their document and information automation platform to be saved back into Clio Matters.

WebMerge allows you to automate the generation of documents and communications with data from customizable web forms (such as intake forms) or merged from other sources (including Zapier and CSV imports). Merged documents can then be automatically sent to Clio, your preferred document storage solution, e-signature application, or emailed to your client for review. 

You can connect WebMerge to Clio in 2 ways:

  1. Use the direct integration to save merged documents to a Matter in Clio.
  2. Connect WebMerge to Clio via Zapier for more advanced automation options.

Contact WebMerge by November 30, 2015 and let them know that you are a Clio subscriber to claim 25% off the cost of a WebMerge subscription.

You can also try WebMerge for free.

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