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Announced at ABA TECHSHOW 2016: Introducing Clio's Newest Integration Partners

During this year's ABA TECHSHOW, we were thrilled to announce a number of exciting new integration partners to help you manage your legal business. 


Ruby Receptionist
Directives Online
TDSource - Transportation Data Source
Unbundled Attorney

Ruby Receptionist

Clio is excited to announce that Ruby Receptionist is expanding their existing integration to include:

  • All call data can now be synced to Clio (messages, voicemail notifications, caller hang ups, missed calls, and calls handled by reception)
  • Voicemail audio files will now be saved directly in Clio so that you can access important messages as often as needed
  • Coming Soon - you will be able to sync your Clio Contacts bi-directionally with Ruby Receptionist

Ruby Receptionists offers live, remote reception services for the legal industry at a fraction of the cost of an onsite employee. Their highly skilled receptionists answer 100% of your calls live, 13 hours a day, 5 days a week, ensuring you never miss an opportunity due to a missed call. Additionally, Ruby screens calls, handles client intake, and even performs different actions based on the type of call.

Concord - Beta

Concord allows you to negotiate, e-sign, and optimize contract performance on any Word or PDF agreement in one place. Keep track of every change made on the agreement thanks to Concord’s automatic version control and protect your contracts against unauthorized changes to ensure reliable document integrity with legally
binding e-signatures.

By integrating Concord into your Clio account, you can import documents from Clio to Concord, and documents signed with Concord are automatically saved into your Clio account. Please note that this integration is still in a beta release with additional functionality coming soon.

Directives Online

Directives Online provides attorneys and Estate professionals with the ability to apply firm branding to their advance directives Vault and medical information wallet card. You can manage access to your clients' advance directives, living will, healthcare POA, and critical medical information - all of which can be accessed in an emergency via the wallet card. When you connect Directives Online to Clio, documents can be imported from Clio directly to the appropriate healthcare and Vault folders.

TDSource - Transportation Data Source

Transportation Data Source (TDSource / TDS) provides an easy and efficient system for you to qualify and monitor fleets, gather pertinent information for mergers and acquisition purposes, access CSA scores, safety ratings, insurance information and certificates, lane search and violation searches to create due diligence reports and export CSV files and more.

Unbundled Attorney

Unbundled Attorney is a lead generation service offering exclusive leads delivered to you in real-time through their web based, mobile ready app. Leads are targeted by region then educated on the benefits and cost of Unbundled legal services. With Unbundled handling your marketing and lead generation, you can focus on serving your clients.

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