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Concord allows you to negotiate, e-sign, and optimize contract performance on any Word or PDF agreement in one place. Keep track of every change made on the agreement thanks to Concord’s automatic version control and protect your contracts against unauthorized changes to ensure reliable document integrity with legally binding e-signatures.

By integrating Concord into your Clio account, you can import documents from Clio to Concord, and documents signed with Concord are automatically saved into your Clio account. Please note that this integration is still in a beta release with additional functionality coming soon.

The Clio integration is available with Concord's Standard plan. To request a demo, click HERE


Connecting Concord to Clio
Using Concord with Clio
     Importing Documents from Clio
     Saving Signed Documents in Clio

Connecting Concord to Clio

Once you have signed up for a premium Concord account and have logged in, click on "Menu" at the top left of the screen, then select "Settings". On the settings page, click "Integrations" on the sidebar then click the "Connect" button next to the Clio logo.

When prompted, click on the green "Yes, Let's Connect" button. 
* If you are not already logged in to your Clio account, you will be prompted to log in before you can authorize the connection.

Using Concord with Clio

Importing Documents from Clio

Once you have connected your Clio account to Concord, you'll be able to import any Word or PDF document you have stored in Clio.

  1. From your Concord inbox, click "New Document" then click "New document to sign".
  2. Once in the new document, click the "Import Word or PDF" button.

  3. In the Import window, click on the Clio logo.
  4. Select the PDF or Word document you want to import from Clio then click the "Import" button.

  5. You can now invite colleagues to make edits and invite third parties to negotiate by clicking the "Share" button.
  6. When you are ready for the document to be signed, click the "Sign" button. 

Saving Signed Documents in Clio

Once fully executed, the document will be automatically saved to your Clio account. The document name will indicate if the document has been signed, and will note the name of the third party associated with the signature.

In this example, the Sale of Intellectual Property Agreement has been signed with Serviceo.

For more information about working with Concord, please see their Support Center

To provide feedback on Concord's beta integration with Clio, please email the Support team at

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