Trust Requests: Sharing Trust Requests with your Clients

Trust Requests is available to subscribers of our Loyalty, Boutique, and Elite plans.

You can upgrade to the Boutique or Elite plan in the app, or if you’re interested in seeing how this feature can work for your law firm feel free to contact us by email or give us a call at 1-888-858-2546 (choose option #1).

Trust Requests can be shared with your clients in the same manner as sharing revenue bills. For general instructions on how to share bills with your clients, please see the "Sharing Bills with your Clients" article. 

Clio Payments users can send Trust Requests to their clients for direct credit card payment via an emailed link or through Clio Connect. For general instructions on how to share bills with clients for credit card payment, please see the "Sending a Bill to your Client via Email for Payment" article. 

Note that while you can share Trust Requests with clients via Clio Connect, the Trust Request feature doesn't support "classic online payments" with PayPal or LawPay Legacy. Only Clio Payments users can receive credit card payments on a Trust Request. 

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