Halo NBI

Halo NBI combines customer due diligence with new business intake, making it possible to process new clients and matters quickly, efficiently and accurately.

Customer due diligence can be a time consuming process, leading to mistakes and omissions in information, or necessitating that data being entered into multiple systems. Through the integration with Clio, Halo helps minimize the risk of taking on bad clients.

Halo NBI can facilitate:

  • Conflict checks
  • Anti-money laundering checks (AML)
  • Identity checks (KYC)
  • Risk assessments

Halo NBI also integrates Clio with leading Marketing and CRM platforms such as Hubspot and InfoTrack to reduce time spent on data entry and increase efficiency.

To setup a demonstration and inquire about a trial, email support@hudson-innovate.com


Connecting Halo NBI to Clio
Using Halo NBI with Clio

Connecting Halo NBI to Clio

Once you have signed up for Halo NBI and logged into your account, you can connect to Clio using these steps:

  1. Click on your name at the top right corner
  2. Click "Admin"
  3. Click "Clio Integration"

On the Clio Integration screen:


  1. Click "Confirm Connection" to open the Clio authorization window. Click "Yes, let's connect".
  2. Click "Sync Clio" to start the initial sync of existing Contacts and Matters from Clio
  3. Click "Save" to save the connection settings and return to the Home page

Using Halo NBI with Clio

For a detailed walkthrough of how Halo NBI works with Clio, please email support@hudson-innovate.com for a demonstration.

Creating a Client

A legal client can consist of one or multiple parties. With Halo you can create a client record with multiple parties and run a quick conflict check against the parties at the enquiry stage before too much work has been completed.

Creating the client record allows the firm to collate the Identity Check and Background check documentation in one place with expiry dates so that documentation is clearly available each time a new Matter is created.

Creating a Matter

When creating a Matter in Clio, the Matter is also created in Clio with a status of "Pending". When the intake process is complete in Halo and the Matter is approved, that matter is automatically set to "Open" in Clio.

Halo NBI will also create the Contacts and relationships relevant to your Matters in the "Contacts" sub-tab of the Matter. Documentation in relation to due dilligence, client care letters, and risk assessments is added to the "Documents" tab.

Matter and Contact Sync

Halo syncs with Clio to update day-to-day Contact and Matter data changes and ensure that Matter and Contact information is kept up to date in Halo.

Updating a Contact record in Halo as part of creating a new Matter or client will be deemed as correct for due diligence and regulatory requirements and will overwrite the linked Contact information in Clio.

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