Clio on the Go - Mobile Tips for Taking your Practice out of the Office

At Clio, we understand that your practice is not tied to your office. You work from court, from home, your client's office, even when on vacation. Clio's iPhone and Android apps allow you to do everything you need to do to manage your practice on the road - or from your couch.

Clio's Training team has prepared the following resources to help you manage your practice anywhere, anytime.  

Webinar: Clio on the Go - Taking your Practice out of the Office

Wednesday, July 6th - 10:00 AM PDT

Clio's first mobile focused webinar will introduce you to the basics of our iOS and Android apps. You will learn how to take your practice out of the office by creating Contacts and Matters, adding time and review invoices, adding Tasks and sending Clio Communications, and reviewing documents -- All while on the go!

Sneak Peek - Clio Mobile App Updates Coming Soon

Get a preview of the upcoming Calendar refresh and Task improvements

Tutorial: Using Zapier and Clio to Create Customized SMS Text Notifications

Zapier's built-in SMS text message application allows you to craft your own notifications from any Trigger application. When paired with Clio, Zapier's SMS app can send a notification to your phone in response to any of Clio's supported Triggers

Video: Clio's iPhone App

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