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Clio Con 2016 - "Bug Smash" Fixes

In what's become an annual tradition, an elite squad of Clio's Product team has spent the duration of Clio Con knocking out some of the bugs and quick feature improvements that Clio Con attendees have brought to our attention. 

17 Bug Fixes

4 Feature Improvements

Here is a sampling of the requests that we were able to deliver during Clio Con 2016.

Filter Billable Clients by "Originating Attorney"

Margaret requested: 

In the Bills section, filter Billable Clients by "Originating Attorney" instead of only by "Responsible Attorney".

This will help Margaret to more easily find the clients she needs to bill so that she can spend less time on admin tasks and more time billing.

"Originating Attorney" Field Option for the Work in Progress Report

Margaret also requested:

When generating the Work in Progress Report, I need to filter by "Originating Attorney" instead of only by "Responsible Attorney".

This will help her to generate reports for the attorney she needs, allowing her to better stay on top of firm management.

Task Details in Email Notifications

Alexander requested:

I want the Task details (name and description) in the email notifications for assigned and completed Tasks.

This will add greater context to the notification emails received by Task creators and assignees, so that they will immediately see the details of the Task that must be completed without first having to log in to Clio.

Other Fixes and Improvements

  • Calendar names are no longer truncated when a calendar is shared
  • When editing a lead, the ‘Campaign’ field now displays the campaign that the lead is associated with
  • Client Productivity Report now properly displays currency
  • Can now remove an associated Matter number from an Expense entry
  • Task Productivity by User Report CSV now displays appropriate headers
  • It is now possible to edit the "Note" field on a Trust Request
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