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Importing Custom Fields - Tips


  • Import Custom Fields to Clio
  • Limit errors and bar data when importing Custom Fields



  • Custom Fields in Clio must already be created manually to import.
  • Create separate templates for Contact Custom Fields, and Matter Custom Fields.
  • Matter custom fields link to the "Matter Custom Number."
  • Contact Custom Fields map to the "First Name, Last name" OR Company Name fields.
  • No special characters (such as periods, brackets and dashes) should be in the field label/Custom Field Name. Only character of 0-9 or A-Z will work.
  • Do not set Custom Fields in Clio to "Default" or "Required." 
  • Be mindful of custom field types. For instance do not import to a "Picklist" type if there are 100+ values in the original data (this will result in a massively long Picklist in Clio. Another example is do not use a "Contact Link" custom field if the values in the original data are not actual contacts that have already been imported/existing in Clio.
  • If the custom field has been added to a contact or matter, it will produce a duplicate row entry error for the line with the entry on it. Remove the custom field from the contact or matter to resolve.
  • Certain special characters such as a colon in the Matter name or Matter number, may cause the import to fail.

For specific custom field type tips:

  • Integer: Please make sure that there are no decimals, they will not be imported. This can be changed by right clicking the fields>format cells>numbers>select "(1234.10)">Enter in "0" for Decimal Places
  • Money: You may also need make sure this format has no negatives (right clicking the fields>format cells>numbers>select "(1234.10)")
  • Dates: dates need to be in mm/dd/yyyy format. On a mac, this needs to be done by right clicking the cells>format cells>date>Choose any type of date>Custom>change the date format to be mm/dd/yyyy>click okay. 
  • Validation: To import data into custom fields, it must pass validation, if validation fails, the item will not be imported and no error will be generated. This means you cannot import a word into an integer field, or a contact select must exist as a contact within Clio.


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