KCS - How Does Clio Decide If A Contact Is A Duplicate?


  • How will something be designated a duplicate contact during import?
  • What makes a contact a duplicate during Import? 


  • Clio Web App

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A Contact is designated a duplicate when Clio identifies similarities during importing.

For example Clio will initially look at the First and Last name of a Client and if they match Clio will compare some similarities 

  1. Clio will look to see if the Email Address associated with the first contact matches the second contact. 
  2. Clio will look to see if the Phone Number of the first contact matches the second contact

If the email address and phone number match the first contact then the second contact is a duplicate and is not imported.

If both the Email Address and Phone Number fields are empty during the import then Clio will look at the Street field during the import process. If the fields match the contact is considered a duplicate. 


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