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KCS - Clio Payments "Failed to process the transaction"


  • User receives this error when attempting to pay via Clio Payments when logged into Clio Connect


  • Clio Web App
  • Clio Connect

Additional Information:

Maybe the same as "Error: Transaction failed to process above"


  1. If the client who is paying the bill is located in a different country other than USA or Canada.
  2. This error message is returned when someone tries to pay via credit card, but the LawPay account is configured to not accept that type of card (typically Amex, MC).
  3. The client's address is not properly assigned to the Contact. 


  1. Phone LawPay at 800-459-5798 and have them authorize payment from this country. This can also be adjusted from the firm's settings in LawPay.
  2. Attempt to use a different card type (e.g. Visa, Mastercard) or Ask the Clio account holder to log into LawPay and configure it to accept that card type
  3. Ask the Clio account holder to log into their account and update the client's address information at the Contact level. 


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