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KCS - Issue: Creating Time Entry does not recognize Matter when you tab into the Matter field and search for the Matter


  • Matter shows as not selected when creating Activities when tabbing to Matter field


  • Clio Web App

Additional Information:

When creating a time entry from the global create or the main Activities tab:

Enter in duration, click tab twice and go into Matter field. Start searching for the Matter by typing in partial search and select the Matter with the keyboard

Fill in the rest of the time entry

When you click "Save", error message "A matter was not selected. Would you like to continue?" appears, despite the Matter displaying in the Matter field. If you continue to save the Matter, no Matter is attached 

This only happens when tabbing through the fields using the keyboard. 


Not yet diagnosed


Click into the Matter field instead of tabbing into the Matter field 

Add time entries from within the Matter instead of the global search or main Activities tab 

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