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How Does Clio Payments Work?


  • How does Clio Payments pay me?
  • What's the Clio Payments process?
  • What is Clio Payments?


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Additional Information:

Clio Payments is powered by LawPay, the trusted credit card processing service for attorneys. Firms new to LawPay will complete the easy sign-up application form within Clio to activate the feature, those with existing LawPay accounts will use their LawPay credentials. If you would like to set up Clio Payments see this article How To Set Up Clio Payments

Clio Payments is only available for our Boutique and Elite subscribers

Clio Payments is not available for EMEA subscribers. 


Once a Bill is sent to the client, Clio Payments will supply your clients with a link via email to securely pay their Bills. After this, LawPay takes over all credit card processing.  If your clients run their own credit card using a Secure Payment Link or through Clio Connect, you will see that action in your Firm Feed.

Clio tells you immediately if a payment has been successful, or if it has failed. It also lets you choose to void or refund any amount.

Completed transactions will have the funds added to your operating account, and the payment recorded to the Bill in Clio, simultaneously.

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