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Why Do I Only See the Option to Sign in Using Lawpay When I'm Setting up Clio Payments?


  • Only have the ability to Sign Into LawPay via Clio Payments on the Online Payments page
  • To determine why you can't sign up for LawPay via Clio Payments
  • To determine why you are unable to sign up for Clio Payments



  • Clio Web App

Additional Information:

  • Please call LawPay to determine how to log into the LawPay account 800-459-5798
  • LawPay sign-up is only available for the US. Canadian users need to call LawPay at the number listed in their Online Settings page to set up their account


  • The firm already has a LawPay account that was previously connected to Clio.
  • The firm needs to verify or re-confirm their country settings via Settings and Account and Payment Info. If a Country is already filled in in the field, press Save New Information at the bottom of the page to re-confirm the information and then check Clio Payments again to see if the green Sign Up page button has appeared
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