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Why is There a Contact Being Created Each Time I File an Email from Outlook Add-in?


  • Contacts being created when emails are being filed with Outlook Add-in
  • Why is There a Duplicate Contact Being Created Each Time I File an Email from Outlook Add-in?


  • Clio Manage
  • Outlook Add-in

Additional Information:

  • This also happens with the Maildrop feature in Clio
  • While there shouldn't be duplicate contacts created as a result of an email being filed, each participant in the email needs to have a contact in Clio to associate the email with. 


Contacts are being created because of the email being filed to Clio is not matching an email that exists in Clio. There may be two potential reasons why this happening: 

  • If there are email addresses in the Outlook email that is not in Clio, those emails will have a contact created. If there is no name associated with the email in Outlook, the contact will be created with a contact name of whatever email it is associated with. 
  • If Outlook is adding single quotation marks to an email when forwarding, the integration will not recognize the email and create a duplicate Contact. For instructions on how to resolve the duplication issue, click here. 


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