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KCS - How to Disable and Re-enable Two-Factor Authentication


  • Set up a new smart phone with the Google Authenticator to use Two-Factor Authentication to log into Clio


  • Clio Web App
  • Google Authenticator

Additional Information:

  • Must still be able to log into Clio with Two-factor back-up codes.
  • If unable to log into Clio because do not have Two-factor back-up codes, contact Clio Support.


  1. Access Two-Factor Setup under Security in Clio Settings
  2. Sign in to Clio once again.
  3. Deselect Enable Google Two-factor authentication
  4. Reselect Enable Google Two-factor authentication
  5. Ensure the barcode appears
  6. Open the Google Authenticator app on your smart phone and scan the barcode
  7. Enter the 6-digit verification code in Clio
  8. Click Update Two-Factor Settings
  9. Recommended: also print backup codes to ensure you can access Clio without the Google Authenticator if necessary in the future


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