KCS - Unable to create a Matter Trust Request due to visual issue


  • Unable to create Matter Trust Request if searching for a Matter instead of clicking dropdown


  • Clio Web App

Additional Information:

This only occurs if you specifically:

  1. Create a new Trust Request from a Matter or the Bills tab from the New Clio Experience
  2. Under Client, search for and select a Client who has a Matter
  3. Under Balance Type, select Matter
  4. Under Matter, type some of the characters from the Matter Number and select it

At which point you will see the modal changes, the Matter field expands in width but is blank, and a field below appears stating '{{input_placeholder}}' without the quotation marks.


Investigation is ongoing


  1. Go to a Matter in the New Clio Experience
  2. On the Matter Dashboard click 'New request' above the Trust Funds display
  3. Enter the amount of the request in the Amount field
  4. Click 'Create trust request'


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