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Where Is Clio Data Stored for Canadian Law Firms?


  • Where does Clio store my information?
  • Where are the cloud servers for Clio? 
  • Is cloud storage located in Canada?
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Additional Information:

At this time, no Canadian Law Society has a rule against storing client information on cloud servers located in the U.S.. Lawyers should be mindful of their clients' need for confidentiality and choose a vendor whose jurisdiction and terms of service are comparable to those found in Canada. To review our terms of service, please visit: Terms of Service.

Canadian lawyers should also be mindful of the limited statutory obligations that might require storing their information in Canada. For example, BC's FOIPPA requires government agencies & their law firm contractors to store BC residents' personal information in Canada.  Absent those limited statutory instances, and after performing due diligence on us, a Canadian firm should be able to use Clio with no concern about the privacy of their data. 
More information can be found in this article on Slaw, written by a representative of the Law Society of BC:


Clio also has a dedicated Canadian server for customers who wish to keep their data exclusively in Canada. For more information on the Canadian server, please see this article


For North American customers, Clio utilizes servers on the continental USA.

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