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Receiving a "BadRequest" Error When Attempting to Sync Data From Lexicata


  • When attempting to sync data from Lexicata to Clio, a "BadRequest" error message is appearing
  • ClioClient: BadRequest When Syncing Matter Custom Fields from Clio Grow To Clio
  • ClioClient: BadRequest Checkbox Error
  • ClioClient: BadRequest Single Line Text Error
  • ClioClient: BadRequest Dropdown Error


  • Clio Manage
  • Lexicata

Additional Information:



The "Badrequest" error may occur when there is an issue with Clio Custom Fields being edited in Clio but then not having those changes synced to Lexicata. 


  1. In Lexicata, navigate to the Custom Field settings page
  2. Click the Sync Clio Custom Fields button
  3. Click "Sync Clio Custom Fields"


Check the Client level in both Lexicata and Clio. Make sure all the data (name, email, address, etc) all looks the same. If anything is different, change it so it matches.


It may be that the description has a large amount of characters yet still under the 255, but when exporting will include the matter number putting it above the limit.


It may be an issue with a "Single Line Text" Field. Check to make sure there is not more than 255 characters in the field. If there are, reduce the amount.


It may be an issue with a "Checkbox" Custom Field. If the checkbox is checked, this may cause the error
- Uncheck the checkbox and try to sync the Matter. If that does not work, remove the checkbox from the Matter, then resync it.


It may be an issue with a "Dropdown" Custom Field. If you have a Dropdown option in Lexicata, and use to have the same one in Clio Manage but then removed it. This will cause the error
- Remove the dropdown option from the Matter, and then resync it.


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