KCS - How to Recover a Deleted Matter


  • How to un-delete a Matter?
  • How to bring back a missing Matter?


  • Clio Web App

Additional Information:

  • Only Administrators are able to access the Recovery Bin
  • Additional filtering options are available by selecting Filter on the right
  • Recovery of deleted items is not guaranteed
  • To recover multiple items check the boxes on the left, Recover from the Action drop-down, and then Apply
  • If the Matter is missing but you don't see it in the Recovery Bin, the permissions on that Matter may have been restricted to a specific user. In this case, check with other users in your account to see if they have access to the Matter. If they do, then I recommend going into their Account and updating the Matter Permissions to allow access for all users [see steps here].


  1. Go to Settings
  2. Select Recovery Bin
  3. Click Filter
  4. Open the Type drop-down menu
  5. Click Matter
  6. Locate the Matter you want to recover
  7. Click Recover
  8. Select OK to confirm recovery
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