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Can I Move a Clio Payment to a Different Bill?


  • Change Destination of Recorded Payment
  • Move Clio Payment to another Bill
  • Apply Clio Payment to a different Invoice
  • Apply Clio Payment to a different Bill


  • Clio Manage

Additional Information:

  • You can refund the Clio Payment. Once the payment has been refunded, you can then record a new payment to the correct bill. For more information on refunding a credit card payment made through Clio Payments, click here.
  • If the payment was made through a Secure Payment Link, you may be able to edit the link and then choose not to apply the funds to a bill at all . The funds can then be used to pay a bill. Form more information on this, click here and click here.


No, a payment cannot be moved from one bill to another.

If you would like to add your vote to this Feature Request, please contact us either through email, the in-app chat, or via our Clio Support Center at +1-888-858-2546 ext 2. 

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