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Can I Receive a Copy of the Email Sent to My Client When I Send a Bill?


  • Does Clio have a sent folder?
  • Is there a way to see a copy of the Bill sent via email?
  • How do I see the Bill share email that was sent to my Client?
  • Can I be CC'd on the Bill share email to my Client?
  • How does a user see the Bill share email to the Client?


  • Clio Manage

Additional Information:

Clio does not have a sent folder for emails sent out of Clio. You can CC yourself with the steps below to get a copy of the Bill sent to yourself via email. Note that the Client will only see their own email address in the To section of the email. They will not see any other email addresses it has been sent to.


You can 'Add a message' to have a record of the Bill being sent in your Communications tab.



  1. Add yourself as a Contact in Clio
  2. Click Send on the Bill
  3. Add yourself as an additional Contact in the Select Contacts field
  4. Add a message if needed
  5. Click Send Bills


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