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Allocate Legal

Allocate Legal removes the headache of manual timekeeping while allowing you to capture every billable minute. Privately and securely connect your data sources (calendar, email, and computer activity) and continue to work as usual. As you work, Allocate Legal’s AI automatically captures your data and intelligently classifies it to your client matters. Always review and approve before you submit. Manage your client matters with Clio, and easily capture your time and bill more time to them with Allocate Legal + Clio.

Automatically capture more billable hours in a fraction of the time. No more timers, no more pen and paper, no more clunky spreadsheets. Stay focused on growing your practice and retaining happy clients.

  • Save Time: Time is our scarcest resource. With Allocate Legal, logging hours takes less time. Use that extra time to relax or to continue to work hard for your clients.
  • Bill More: A Lexis Nexis study revealed that, on average, 1/3 of a lawyer's time is unbilled. With Allocate Legal, lawyers will capture every billable minute and bill more.
  • Stay Focused: Lawyers didn't go to law school to log hours. With Allocate Legal, simply review and approve your hours so you can get back to what matters to you.

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Connecting Allocate Legal to Clio
Using Allocate Legal with Clio
Contacting Allocate Legal Support

Connecting Allocate Legal to Clio

When you register for and Allocate Legal account click “Connect to Clio”.

* Note the Clio account owner or an administrator must register for an Allocate Legal account to ensure Allocate has adequate permission scope to function properly.

Next you will be prompted to log into your Clio account (if you’re not already).

Next authorize Allocate to connect with your Clio account.

Using Allocate Legal with Clio

Once you have connected your Clio account to Allocate, you’ll notice all of the clients, matters, and activity categories will be available in Allocate to log hours to.

Invite colleagues from your Clio account in the "Team" tab.

Manage your clients, matters, and activity categories from within Clio.


Contacting Allocate Legal Support

For more in-depth assistance, please email


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