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"Woah There, That Change Can't Be Made" When Trying to Update Login Email


  • Receiving the error message: "Woah there, that change can't be made" when trying to update login email 
  • Trying to update an email and receiving an error 
  • Error message when changing you login email


  • Clio Manage
  • Clio Connect

Additional Information:



  • The email already exists as a Clio Connect account. An email cannot be used for a paid account if it's already associated with an existing Clio Connect account. 
  • The email was used on a previous Clio subscription or trial


Log into Clio Connect with the email address you are trying to use, update the email associated with the Clio Connect account, and then proceed with changing the login email for your paid account:

  1. Log into Clio Connect
  2. Click on Settings
  3. Update your Email Address
  4. Type in your Password
  5. Click Update Information
  6. Confirm the email change in the confirmation email sent

Another option is to delete the contact from your Clio account that the Clio Connect account is associated with, as this will make the Clio Connect account inactive. This option will only work if the email is question only has a Clio Connect account with your firm.

If the email was used for a previous Clio subscription or trial, please contact and include the email address that you are attempting to use

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