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Error: "Flash Was Blocked on This Page" in Google Chrome


  • When using Google Chrome, I've received a "Flash was blocked on this Page" error while using the copy/paste function in Maildrop Contacts, copy/paste function in Contacts, Copy/paste for Merge Fields in Document Templates.


  • Google Chrome


  • Clio uses Flash in very limited areas, and if you receive this error, your Browser is blocking this functionality.
  • After setting this, the first time that you access a site using Flash, Chrome will prompt you to Allow or Block the action. 


  1. Open the Google Chrome web browser
  2. At the top right of your Chrome window, click on the button that shows three vertical dots
  3. Click Settings
  4. Select Privacy and security
  5. Click Site settings
  6. Select Flash 
  7. Enable the "Ask First" Toggle (if greyed out, it will show as "Block sites from running Flash")
  8. In order to complete the update, you will need to restart Google Chrome

Alternatively (for any particular website):

  1. Click the 'lock' icon to the left of the URL
  2. Click Site settings
  3. Select Allow for Flash 


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