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How Do I Use the ScanSnap Integration (PC)


  • Learn how to scan a Document and save it in to Clio using the ScanSnap integartion


  • Clio Web App

Additional Information:

For more information on installing the ScanSnap Integration, click here


  1. To select where you want to scan to -whether it be into Clio, to a folder, email, or other- click on your system tray and then select the icon (a white 'S' on a blue background with a red slash through it) to bring up your options, as pictured below:


2.Put the paper you wish to scan in the scanner according to the instructions, and press the button to start the scan (for more information on how to scan, please see the Fujitsu website for manuals on the different models they offer:

3.When the scan is complete, the window pictured below appears, allowing you to login using your Clio credentials, and also select the location of your account. 

Users who log in to "" should select "North America," while customers on "" should choose "Europe." 

4. Add a Description, Reference (which is the Matter Number) and select the appropriate Category

5. Click the "Upload" button.

6. A confirmation screen appears when the Document has been uploade

7. Now the document resides in Clio, and is already attached to the appropriate Matter. 



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