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Why Hasn't my Calendar Synced with Clio in the Last Several Hours?


  • Google Calendar not syncing
  • Office 365 Calendar not syncing
  • Backoff Mechanism


  • Clio Web App

Additional Information:

This is true of both the Google Calendar sync and the Office 365 Calendar sync. 


The sync occurs every 60 minutes. However, if a sync occurs and the system detects there are no changes on either side, then it will activate the “Backoff mechanism.”

If the “Backoff Mechanism” is enabled, Clio will not attempt to sync until 7 hours have passed.

The “Backoff Mechanism” is disabled if:

  • A sync occurs and changes in either Clio or Google are detected
  • The user logs into Clio
  • The user loads any page in Clio
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