KCS - Can I Access my Clio Data But Not Pay for an Account?


  • Do not need to be able to make changes to Clio data but we need to be able to access it
  • Clio Account no longer active so we do not get billed but can access the data
  • Closed Firm but save Clio data


  • Clio Web App

Additional Information:

If you wish to Export a copy of your Clio data so you can close your account and not be billed further, please take a look at: What Can I Export from Clio? and How to Export Data from Clio 


Right now, if you need access to a Clio account you do need to pay for it. There is no way to maintain access but not be billed for the account as Clio is a per license or per access point based subscription service. We do not distinguish between having access to an account, and the ability to edit that data within an account.

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